We help Chinese speaking students to act confident and find a job that is enjoyable, fulfilling and pays well

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Yi-Ting Chen

IT Infrastructure Trainee, accenture

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Career Starter Program

In 6 weeks to your dream job with this content and methods

The system to find a job which suits you best follows a clear step-by-step logic and has been successfully tested by students from various backgrounds.


The right structure and mindset is enormously important for achieving your goals. Therefore an essential part of the program deals with the development and internalization of new strong beliefs.

6 Months

I believe deeply that acquiring new skills and implementing them doesn’t happen overnight. Good things take time.

Access to

The right environment plays an incredibly important role when developing new competences. That’s why you become part of the Career Starter community, which supports your personal growth by 110%.

Weekly Call &
E-Mail Support

During the implementation there are phases in which you do not get any further. This is exactly where I can help you. I am at your disposal at any time if you can’t get any further. Your success is my key figure.

to Events

You will be invited to all events where you can learn from HR experts, keynote speakers and get access to companies interested in Chinese speaking students. 

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You should be a graduate of a German university or soon be graduating so we can help you.
- You want to start your first job in Germany
- An open attitude and willingness to learn
- Being able to implement our 1:1 templates (We'll show you how)
- Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

Application Process


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About Me - Neal

With my 25 years I have already gained 16 years of international experience in Ireland, Spain, China (5 years) and Colombia and have learned a lot for life in this time. Adaptability, flexibility, openness and the love for new people were only some of the skills I was able to develop. Especially getting to know a completely different language and culture like the Chinese one really opened my eyes to the world and the peaceful coexistence of different cultures.

Living in China seing how people support each other, be it the delicious food like 饺子 (with a little more choice than German cuisine) or enjoying a tea together, opened my heart for China and made China my second home. Since I know how it feels to start a completely new life in a totally different environment every time and to live a happy life, I have made it my mission to help my Chinese friends in Germany and to make it easier for them to find a job in the German labour market.

I firmly believe that we in Germany can only profit from exactly these unique Chinese talents and therefore I would like to bring these valuable individuals together with interesting companies in this country.



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Our Advisors

Frank Dietrich

  • Top executive in the global agricultural industry with over 30 years in senior positions in Europe, Asia & Latin America

  • Former Managing Director & Country Head Greater China Bayer Cropscience (4 years)

Ming Huang

  • China Representative School of Management Executive Education Center, TUM (8 years)

  • Former Chef- & Vice Representative State of Bavaria, China Office Shandong, Guangdong & Sichuan
    (20 years)

  • Senior Consultant at Schranner Negotiation Institute (2 years)

Benedikt Franke

  • Former management consultant for German DAX and SME companies specialized on organizational development, process optimization and change management (4 years)

  • Serial entrepreneur, startup coach and mentor

"We enjoyed having Lin in our team. The integration of international spirit is very important to us. Our team members profit from the culture and language diversity. Lin’s view on the market and how to handle customers was adding huge value to our processes.
The communication with Neal was perfect so all issues could be discussed, and opportunities discovered quickly. Thank you for the cooperation. Our company is looking forward to meeting new talents."
Marina Billinger
Managing Director Leroma GmbH